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Transporting cash to the bank can be a dangerous task, Placing you and your staff at risk of robbery or worse.

Here at Kingston Security Australia, we can tailor a solution to satisfy all your security and WH&S requirements, eliminating the risks involved with transporting cash.

Covert Cash in Transit

The benefits of such a service out weigh any cost, but when the cost of such a service is completely tax deductible, using our services could help you make money by protecting your staff and having them in the workplace being productive and not standing in lines at the bank or at risk of injuries
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A Covert Cash in Transit service is perfect for organisations that need to move cash and perform the task discreetly as to not draw unwanted attention.

We achieve this by utilising un-marked vehicles and plain clothed security officers. Our vehicles provide the same level of protection found in armoured solutions, but provide something large armoured companies don't provide, discretion.

Our security officers are all vetted by the NSW Police, and well train in CIT procedures.

Our staff are trained in surveillance and counter-surveillance as well how to respond in the event of an armed holdup.

A number of electronic security measures are used to protect both your cash and our staff.

Our final line of defence is "Insurance" once we take custody of your cash it is comprehensively insured until it is safely delivered to the bank.

Covert Cash in Transit

  • Plain clothed security guards
  • Un-marked vehicles
  • GPS Tracking
  • Cash is insured
  • Discreet and private
  • Prompt and reliable
Proprietor: Clint Allan Kingston - Trading as: Kingston Security Australia
ABN: 91 727 477 871 - Master License: 409 597 847

We are a licensed security provider registered with the
Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate